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Information Character Authorizations Information & Format

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Character Authorizations are used for granting special privileges of sorts to characters. These privileges can range from just some items that you have to grind for, special or unusual skills, faction positions, etc. They are a way to skip the grind that you normally need to go through to get what you need. However, we will only grant Character Authorizations for characters whose aim is to create and contribute to roleplay. If you wish to get an advantage over other players for your gain, your application will be declined. You must have a plan and a good reason for the things you request.

Note that, should your character authorization application be accepted, if you fail to do what you said during your application (eg getting an auth for the benefit of others and instead using it for your gain), we reserve the right to revoke your authorization as seen fit at any point in time.

Application Format
Is this a new character?: -
Please list all of your current characters as well as the faction(s) that they are a part of: -

Character full name: -
Character physical description: -
Character age: -

Character backstory: -

Describe, in detail, what authorization you are applying for: -

Explain how this authorization will benefit the server: -

Provide an In-Character explanation for this authorization: -
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