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Information Ministry of Civil Protection: Civil Accord Act

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Ministry of Civil Protection:
Civil Accord Act of 21 A.E

This declaration of Civil Laws & Legislations details the expectations and regulates the infection and malignancy of our Civic Body. For one to become a servant of the Benefactors must consider the following regulations as law as it is written.

Anti-Civil Activity Level Five

Verbal Indiscretion & Disorderly Conduct
  • Yelling (unless for assistance), excessive swearing, using slurs, or speaking a non-English language in public.
  • Movement that exceeds normal walking.
  • Loitering or standing in an area considered suspicious.
  • Invading the personal space of another; remaining within a disruptive proximity to another.
Disorderly Disposal
  • Improperly disposing of one's possessions, whether waste or otherwise, somewhere other than a disposal bin.
Attempted Crime
  • Attempting to commit a non-terminal verdict and failing.
Unauthorized Commerce
  • Partaking in gambling without appropriate documentation (Gambling License).
  • Engaging in work in a Union-Sanctioned establishment without appropriate documentation (Work Permit).
  • Running an unsanctioned Union establishment or lacking appropriate documentation (Business License).

Anti-Civil Activity Level One

Fugitive Detachment
  • Intentionally trying to evade or hide from Overwatch forces.
Felony Incite
  • Having a rebellious attitude or questioning authority.
Public Intoxication
  • Being intoxicated or under the influence of a substance in a public location.
Theft & Burglary
  • Stealing items owned by another individual or organization.
Improper Alarms
  • Intentionally alerting a protection team with an invalid reason or activating any alarm without cause.
Illegal Carrying
  • Being in possession of a non-sanctioned item.
Reckless Operation
  • Failure to complete an important task correctly.
Obstruction of Protection
  • Performing an action that has wasted the time of or impeded the operations of Overwatch forces.
Resisting Arrest
  • Any form of resistance against Overwatch forces whatsoever.
Criminal Negligence
  • Failure to report any observed crimes at anti-civil activity level one.
Indecent Exposure
  • Lacking any kind of concealing clothing designed to cover one's reproductive or sexual organs.
Criminal Damage
  • Destroying or damaging part of the urban infrastructure (e.g., breaking windows, handrails, etc.).
Civic Foray
  • Physical aggression towards another citizen without the use of tools or weapons.
Public Non-Compliance
  • Disobeying a direct order from any Overwatch personnel.
Unlawful Entry
  • Trespassing into a restricted area under the possession of another citizen or government organization.

Socio-Endangerment Level Five

Non-Sanctioned Arson
  • Any ignition of a fire without proper authorization.
Criminal Trespass
  • Entering areas restricted to Overwatch forces without permission.
Criminal Operation
  • Acting as an accomplice in anti-civil activities.
  • Providing aid to anti-citizens in any manner.
Possession of Resources
  • Holding unauthorized Union equipment.
  • Possessing hazardous objects.
Identity Theft & Concealment
  • Concealing one's identity by any means.
  • Possessing the ID card of another person.
  • Inaction: Not reporting observed crimes of anti-civil activity level five or greater.
  • Actively conspiring against the Union.
  • Actively speaking out against the regime.
Non-Sanctioned Procreation
  • Engaging in any sexual activity without authorization, whether consensual or forced.
Civic Unrest
  • Joining anti-civil protests. If the participant count exceeds 5, unrest procedures will be enacted.
Civic Incursion
  • Exhibiting severe physical aggression towards another citizen using tools or weapons.
Civic Disunity
  • Performing actions that result in the loss of life, property, or vital resources.
  • Disrupting socio-stability.
Capital Malcompliance
  • Actively operating against Overwatch forces in a manner that could cause severe civil unrest.

Socio-Endangerment Level One

Threat to Property
  • Engaging in destructive behavior towards government resources (e.g., an airwatch asset or a ration terminal).
Possession of Weapons
  • Being in possession of any form of weapon that could be used to kill or seriously injure another.
Aggression Toward Overwatch Forces
  • Any form of attack on or physical aggression toward Overwatch forces.
Aggression Toward High-Value Targets
  • Any attack or physical aggression towards a high-value target (e.g., High-Ranking IGA).
Evading Overwatch Forces
  • Attempting to evade Overwatch forces during or after a socio-endangerment level five crime or above.
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