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Information Player Reports Information & Format

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In your report, it's crucial to maintain respect and adhere to basic conduct rules since the post is public, and the reported player will have an opportunity to respond. Breaching these rules may result in punishment for yourself. Provide a detailed description to help Administration Team understand the situation, including events leading up to and following the incident.

While you can mention the rules you believe were violated, avoid merely listing rule numbers; instead, explain why you think they were breached. Additionally, feel free to include logs, videos or screenshots as evidence.

If the incident has just occurred and the player is still in-game, it's advisable to make a report using the /AdminHelp function. However, if this isn't feasible for any reason such as the player disconnecting from the server and being unable to provide their account, no available staff to handle the report, or the need to upload evidence which requires additional time then you can create a report here.

Please note that you should refrain from responding to reports in which you were not a witness or were only partially or fully involved in the reported action. This includes instances where you were directly involved in the action or mentioned in the report.

Submission Format
Your Steam Name: -
Your Character Name: -

Player's Steam Name: -
Player's Character Name or Description: -

Why should this player be punished?: -

Evidence: -
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